How to Be Happy – Video


How to Be Happy

This video teaches you how to be happier right now, so that you can start enjoying  better relationships, better health, more success and a longer life, all from learning how to be happier.  It shows you how you can be happier without anything else changing in your life.

The premise of this video is that happiness is natural to us. It is already inside of us waiting to be released. We only have to turn our attention to it. Like a light switch, we only have to learn to turn it on, and keep it turned on.

Real happiness does not depend on the circumstances of your life. You can be happier, right now, without anything changing in your life. If everything in your life is going great, you can be happy. If everything in your life is going wrong, you can be happy. Rich, poor, old, young, male, female, blue-collar, white-collar, pink-collar, no-collar, you can be happy.

Learning to be happy may be the most important thing we can do in life. It may even be the purpose in life. What psychologists have found is that compared to those who are not happy, happy people have better relationships and better health, they are more successful, and they live longer.

Children are born happy, and we expect see them playing and being happy. We do not expect so much happiness when we leave childhood. However, the power to be naturally happy that we knew as children is still there; it never left. This aim of this video is to help you find it again.





Number 9: Confronting the Fear of Happiness

Photo (c) Gstockphoto/

Photo (c) Gstockphoto/

Many of us fear being too happy. Some of us fear being happy, period! If you ask yourself why this is, you may say, “I am afraid of being too happy because I don’t want to be disappointed.” I have heard all kinds of answers to this question, but many seem to follow that rationale, including this big one dealing with relationships: “I am afraid he (she) is not the One.” Let me suggest a different reason why people fear happiness, and how you can confront this fear and let more happiness into your life. Continue reading

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Be Happier in One Hour


finding your power to be happy

Finding Your Power to Be Happy


Number 5: Find Happiness Through Meditation

Photo(c)syda productions/

Photo(c)syda productions/

Happiness does not exist in the past and it does not exist in the future. It exists right now. To be happy, you have to be here now to experience it. If your attention is on what happened to you in the past, or what may happen in the future, you will not be in the present – and happiness will elude you. Regular meditation is the most powerful tool we have for keeping attention in the “now.”

Regular meditation is the most powerful tool we have for keeping attention in the “now.”

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Number 2: Let Go of Your Rules for Happiness

Photo: © Fuzzbones / Dollar Photo Cl

Photo: © Fuzzbones / Dollar Photo Cl

If a person wins the lottery that person will be happy. The mere idea of winning is enough to make someone happy. The lottery itself does not create this happiness. Instead, the idea of it triggers the chemical reactions in the mind-body that we know as the feelings of happiness. We humans have the power to experience spontaneous happiness — all we need is a trigger. But, why do we need a trigger? Why can’t we just be happy all of the time? The answer is, the mind-body seems to be set up so that you can only be happy when its rules for happiness are met. However, it is possible to ignore these rules. You can let them go, and just be happy. Continue reading