About D.E. Hardesty

hardesty May 2011

This blog is written by D.E. Hardesty. The author has been studying self-realization, happiness, spirituality and overcoming loneliness for over forty years. He started writing his first book, Finding Your Power to Be Happy, in response to his daughter’s questions about what to do in life. As she entered the critical “quarterlife crisis” years of the early twenties, she had many questions about how to be happy, what goals to pursue, and what to study in school. As he says in the preface to that book, “I had found my path to happiness, and I was living it. She was just starting on that path. What should I tell her?” That book is an extended answer to her questions.

His second book, Be Happier in One Hour, continues exploring the ideas surrounding bringing happiness into one’s life.

About his writing, he says

“They say that if everyone lights a single candle
there will be light and peace in the world.
This is my candle.”

D.E. Hardesty lives in Northern California with his wife and their cat Patrick.

He can be contacted at deh [at] irrationalhappiness.com

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